Rotary Prewasher

CapSnap™ External Rotary Prewashers

Clean the outside of your bottles

Our inline Rotary Prewasher cleans and prepares the bottles for filling and capping. This pre-washer seamlessly integrates with your filling, cleaning, and capping systems and we can include a system bypass for routine maintenance.


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External Prewasher

In-Line Rotary Brush Prewasher

•Adjustable Output Speed - Up to 3,000 BPH
•Screw-drive and star-wheel bottle handling
•Neck/shoulder, side, and bottom brushes
•Easy maintenance and brush replacement
•VFD controlled speed
•Drive motors with over-torque limiters
•All stainless steel construction
•Electric 480V/3PH/60Hz


Overflow Drain Supply Water
1-1/4" NPT 1-1/4" NPT 3/4" NPT
Gravity Gravity 60 psig
N/A N/A 20 gpm

Electrical Requirement: 480V/3PH/60HZ

System Options

With/Without Electric Heated Unit (6 Amps without, 37 Amps with)
Detergent Dosing
Electric Heat
Manual Changeover for 3-Gallon, 4-Gallon, 5-Gallon

External Bottle Washer Videos

Watch our Rotary Prewasher in Action