CapSnap™ Decappers

Stop removing caps by hand!

Removing caps by hand gets a little old after a while. The good news is that you don't have to do it any longer. CapSnap has a range of manual to automatic options for removing caps!

For many companies, a Semi-Automatic DeCapper from CapSnap Equipment is the perfect solution. All you need is some compressed air and someone to feed bottles into the machine. That's it. The machine will do all the real work for you!


Check out our DeCappers below!

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CapSnap DeCapper 1800

Automatic D-Capper (DC-1800 D-Capper)

•Automatically removes and discards caps from empty 5-gallon bottles at speeds up to 1,800 BPH
•Designed for over conveyor mounting
•Customized to fit top-of track height requirements
•Right or left hand cap discharge models available
•Bottle-backup sensor prevents back-up on discharge conveyor
•Built-in sensor allows bottles without caps to pass through
•Audible alarm sounds if cap is not removed completely
•Control panel with touch-screen
•Requires minimum accumulation of 10’ power conveyor for proper operation


Electrical Compressed Air
120V/1Ph/60Hz* 15 CFM @ 90 PSI

Automatic D-Capper Options

Multiple bottle size capable
Crate Capable
Bottle reject station
Power conversion package
Control panel upgrade
Conveyor sections

Product Videos - DC-1800 and DC-2600

Watch our Automatic D-Cappers in Action. Systems range from 1-head to 3-head.

CapSnap DeCapper 1800

Semi-Automatic D-Capper (DC-600 D-Capper)

•Removes and discards non-spill caps from empty 3, 4, 5, and 6 gallon returnable type bottles with 55mm neck finish
•Stainless steel construction with clear lexan coverings
•49-1/2” overall height
•Electricity not required


Electrical Compressed Air
No electricity 3 CFM @ 90 PSI

Product Videos - DC-600

Watch our Semi-Automatic D-Capper DC-600 in Action.

Hand D-Capper 100 CapSnap Manual Decapper

Manual D-Capper (DC-100 D-Capper)

•Stainless steel construction
•Works like a bottle opener
•Mounts to uni-strut (uni-strut not included)
•Mounting hardware included
•Works great for inspection or reject stations
•Use as an emergency back-up to your automatic D-Capper

Electrical Compressed Air
No electricity None

Product Video - DC-100

Save yourself the frustration of hand-decapping. Check out our easy-to-use DC-100 Manual D-Capper.