CapSnap™ Cappers

Automated Capping for All Cap Styles

CapSnap Cappers are known for their versitility and seamless integration into any automated water-filling process.

We offer both presser-belt and stomping cappers. CapSnap Cappers perfectly match the flow of your production line, so you can get your clean water out the door. Our optional Cap Elevators and Cap Chutes make it easy to keep your machines running at full speed and also improve the cleanliness of your process.


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C-5 Capper

Automatic C-5 Capper

•Presser-belt cap sealing for 55mm press on caps
•Cap lubrication mechanism
•Processes up to 3,000 BPH
•Stainless steel componentry throughout
•Spinner bowl to orient caps into correct position
•Adjustable rod-style open cap chute for easy cleaning
•Overhead hopper with vibrator and low-level switch
•Air regulators at presser-belt and cap-chute foot

Bottle Sizes

3 Gallons 4 Gallons 5 Gallons 6 Gallons
11.36 L 15.14 L 18.90 L 22.70 L

Capper Options

Fiber-optic sensors for cap-present
No cap alarm
Cap chute UV lamp
Ionic cap de-dusting mechanism
Floor-level hopper with elevator (various tub sizes available)

Product Videos - Cappers

Watch our Automatic Cappers in Action.

Cap Elevator

Cap Hopper Elevator

Our Cap Hopper Elevators are perfect for high-volume productions, and can accomodate any variety of tab-pull or loop-pull caps. They assist you in keeping your machines running without having to climb ladders, enter clean rooms, or interupt the process to refill caps. The elevators can be customized to fit the dimensions of your system.

Elevators can be placed inside or outside of a clean room, and caps can be transported to the hopper based upon your specific floor dimensions.

Caps are deposited into a spinner bowl that correctly aligns the caps. Caps are then fed into the Cap Chute for sterilization.

Cap Elevator

Cap Chute

Our unique "open style" cap chutes were designed with cleanliness and ease-of-use in mind. The open design prevents the build up of dust and debris. Our system can accomodate different cap types and sizes. Our design maximizes consistent feeding into the system, and in the infrequent event of jams or incorrect alignment, the open system allows you to easily access and remove problems to avoid down time.

Caps are sanitized prior to application on the bottles.