CapSnap™ Adapta Series

An Effective Bottling Solution for 300 to 600 BPH

The Adapta Series is a modular integrated bottle washing, filling, and capping system. It is the perfect solution for medium-sized HOD water bottling operations. Designed for adaptability - these machines can be configured to handle both 3-Gallon and 5-Gallon bottles. This complete system effectively handles 300 - 600 BPH.


Adapta Series

Adapta Series Features

•Programable Logic Controller Human-Machine Interface (PLC/HMI)
•Manual load (Automatic available for 550+ BPH)
•Separate recirculated wash, recirculated rinse, sanitizer and final rinse cycles
•Adjustable sanitizer and final rinse cycle times to minimize waste water
•3 HP wash pump, 2 HP rinse pump
•Heavy duty auto resetting safety clutch
•High capacity wash and rinse tanks
•Fully automatic adjustable indexing system
•Large removable tank access doors
•Tempered safety glass viewing windows on both sides
•Internal pulsating compressed air blow off jets to minimize solution carryover
•Standard auto-regulating electric wash solution heating system (other heating options available)
•2” insulated washer shell
•Detergent wash solution is re-circulated for zero loss and maximum washing efficiency

•Sanitary 1-head or 2-head automatic in-line filler for 5-gallon plastic bottles
•High volume low pressure delivery system
•Filler pump controlled by a VFD
•Stainless steel cap hopper holds up to 1000 caps
•Height-adjustable cap chute
•Cap cleaning process
•Automatic cap application
•Clean-focused pressure blower and dust filtration

•Heavy duty stainless steel power conveyor
•Top quality aluminum gravity roller conveyor
•4.5” wide SS table-top style track with aluminum guide rails
•1.5 HP wash down rated (water-proof) drive motors
•Fully integrated motor starters and wiring
•Heavy duty aluminum conduit
•Dust cover from washer discharge to filler inlet
•Conveyor Drips Pans and Lexan side covers to completely enclose bottles are available as options

•Auto-unload system at washer discharge standard on all Adapta models
•Full color touch-screen operator interface on main control cabinet
•Variable production speed, fill time, instant diagnostics
•Visual and Audible Status Indicators

System Options

Semi-automatic or automatic decapper integration
Independent of Close-Coupled Filler/Capper
Can be built adjustable to handle both 3-Gallon and/or 5-Gallon configurations
Pre-rinse station
Single-point drain and supply connections
Bottle washer automatic loading
Additional power conveyor
Ozone system
Final rinse pump
Voltage compatibility

CapSnap Adapta Series Videos

Watch our Adapta Series in Action